As mentioned in my previous post, I started to work on building KStars on Windows. My primary goal was having KStars completely compiled and built on Windows, as well as being fully functional and able to run on Windows exactly like the Linux version.

Since my last post, I’ve continued my work (last time I managed to build KStars up to 89%) and now I’m happy to announce that KStars is running great on Windows. I checked its functionality along with its specific tools, and everything is all right. The performances are also very good, it runs smoothly and fast!

Another important thing is the Windows version of KStars can be easily updated to the master branch available. This is possible using emerge –update, which includes and compiles master’s latest changes.

Having all these solved, I added the KStars’ custom Windows icons. Now, KStars is up-to-date with origin/master and ready to use!

Here are some screenshots of the Windows version:








Now I am working with my mentor, Jasem, on packaging KStars. Firstly, I will use the emerge tool to automatically generate the installer. Basically, emerge uses the NSIS: Nullsoft Scriptable Install System software to develop the Windows installer. I will have to configure the script in order to make emerge understand and find the requirements for the installer. I think that a good starting point would be following another KDE application’s example which already built such an installer. There are already some KDE projects that have a fully-working Windows installer. My further plans include migrating Ekos to Windows and adding ASCOM support.

In conclusion, “KStars on Windows” project proves to be a very challenging and interesting project and that is exactly what I was expecting!

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